Behavioural science activities as part of decision-making

Behavioural science activities are based on a multidisciplinary approach to changing human behaviour and decision-making. Behavioural sciences utilise current research in the fields of psychology, social psychology, neurosciences and other social sciences.

The starting point of human-oriented and behavioural administration is that the limitations of knowledge and expectations based on assumptions are recognised in human activities. Behavioural science is used to study how citizens think, experience things and act.

Behavioural innovations have influenced the development of administration in many different policy areas. Policy is linked to people’s behaviour, and awareness of this broadens the understanding of how behavioural science can be used to solve challenging social problems through the use of good administration. 

Finnish Behavioural Policy Team

The working group on behavioural foresight and knowledge in future administration was initiated as the Behavioural Advisory project in October 2020 in response to the need brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and transformed in to the Finnish Behavioural Policy Team in 2022. 

FINBEPOL cooperates with actors of public administration, strengthens the expertise of administration and conducts experimental research. The work is supported by the Research and Innovation working group, that consist of experts from the scientific community and organisations. The work is the responsibility of the Strategy Department of the Prime Minister's Office.

FINBEPOL conducts experimental research in cooperation with research organisations and the scientific community. The team acts as an intermediary between researchers and officials and maintains networks. Research often starts from the need to better understand a problem arising in a policy area, for example by making use of surveys and citizen interviews. Pilot studies and experiments identify the best ways to proceed before final decisions on large-scale implementation or regulation.


Maarit Lassander, Chief Specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Government Strategy Department, Government Policy Unit Telephone:0295160037   Email Address:

Emmi Korkalainen, Senior Specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Government Strategy Department, Government Policy Unit Telephone:0295160634   Email Address: