Minister of Employment Arto Satonen

The National Coalition Party

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Minister of Employment Arto Satonen is the head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.  
Minister of Employment is responsible for matters concerning the Employment and Well-Functioning Markets Department. The Department is responsible for employment and employment policy, general labour policy regulation, functioning of the labour and commodity markets and related industrial and business policy issues. The Department’s areas of responsibility include internal market policy, consumer policy, competition policy, European Union supervision of state aid and regulation of public procurement.

In addition, Satonen is in charge of matters related to employment services within the Regions and Growth Services Department. 

The Minister of Employment is also responsible for matters concerning work-based immigration and for general administration matters at the ministry.

He is also responsible for matters related to unemployment security and adult education at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.


Minister of Employment Arto Satonen comes from Sastamala (formerly Vammala) in Pirkanmaa. This is his sixth term as a Member of Parliament. Satonen (born in 1966 in Vammala) has served as Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Chair of the National Coalition Party’s parliamentary group and in numerous parliamentary committees. He has chaired the Grand Committee, the Employment and Equality Committee and the Transport and Communications Committee.

Satonen has chaired the Supervisory Board of Yleisradio Oy and the Council of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. He has also served as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Council of Tampere Region. Satonen has served as local councillor in his home municipality since 1997.
Arto Satonen holds a Commercial College Degree and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Lapland. He has been an entrepreneur in the restaurant sector, scholarship researcher and teacher of social sciences at several universities of applied sciences. Satonen has published three books on the welfare society and labour and regional policy.

Satonen’s hobbies include beach volley and other sports, and he has chaired the Finnish Volleyball Association. Satonen is also a keen chess player and has gained success in quick chess and team chess. Satonen has chaired the Finnish Chess Federation.  

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Member of Parliament
The National Coalition Party
Date and place of birth: 20.10.1966 Vammala
Domicile: Sastamala

Minister of Employment 20.6.2023 -

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