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Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Kaisa Juuso is responsible for all other matters covered by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, apart from those that are the responsibility of Minister of Social Security Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Minister of Employment Arto Satonen. This means that Juuso is responsible for all matters (excluding social assistance) covered by the Department for Steering of Healthcare and Social Welfare, the Department for Communities and Functional Capacity and the Department for Clients and Services in Healthcare and Social Welfare. In addition, she is responsible for matters covered by the Ministry’s separate units.


Kaisa Juuso was born on 23 September 1960 in Alatornio. She has served as a Member of Parliament since 2019.

Prior to her political career, Juuso worked as a specialist in international healthcare at the international unit of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency in Sweden and as a nurse in various locations. Before her career in healthcare, Juuso worked at Local Insurance in 1997–2004 and at Veritas Pension Insurance in 1989–1997.

Juuso holds a degree in Psychiatric Nursing awarded by Lapland University of Applied Sciences in 2010. She first graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioural Sciences from Stockholm University in 1986, and she also holds a Diploma in Insurance from 1994.

Juuso holds several positions of trust. She has been a member of Tornio City Council since 2013 and a member of Tornio City Executive since 2017. She also served as the Lapland District Secretary of the Finns Party in 2015 and a member of the Finns Party’s Board of Directors in 2018.

Thanks to her educational background and work experience, Juuso has a very good command of Swedish.

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Member of Parliament
The Finns Party
Date and place of birth: 23.9.1960 Alatornio
Domicile: Tornio

Minister of Social Affairs and Health 20.6.2023 -

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