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Internal border control will end, restrictions on external border traffic will continue until 14 February

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 27.1.2022 13.58 | Published in English on 27.1.2022 at 15.24
Press release 13/2022

Internal border control, which was reinstated for traffic between Finland and all Schengen countries at the end of December, will end on 31 January. In contrast, restrictions on external border traffic will continue until 14 February. The Government adopted a decision on the restrictions on external border traffic on 27 January and the decision will enter into force on 1 February.

Entry restrictions for non-Schengen EU countries will also be lifted entirely as of 1 February due to the end of internal border control.

Negative test result required from people arriving from outside the EU and the Schengen area

Restrictions on external border traffic will continue until 14 February. Those arriving in Finland from outside the EU and the Schengen area are required to present a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of recovery from COVID-19 less than six months prior to entry. In addition, they are required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued less than 48 hours prior to entry. This requirement applies to those born in 2006 or earlier.

The Border Guard will not require the above-mentioned certificates as a prerequisite for entry from the following groups of persons arriving in Finland from third countries: Finnish citizens, foreign nationals residing permanently in Finland, or persons who have an essential reason for entry, such as compelling family matters or another compelling personal reason. 

Requirements under the Communicable Diseases Act apply to all passengers

However, all passengers arriving in Finland are required to comply with the decisions made by the Regional State Administrative Agencies on compulsory health examinations and to present the required certificates as laid down in the Communicable Diseases Act. 

All passengers arriving in Finland must have one of these certificates: a vaccination certificate, a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test certificate (issued less than 72 hours prior to entry). Passengers who do not have any of the above-mentioned certificates will be directed to a COVID-19 test at the point of entry. 

With certain exceptions, the requirements apply to all those born in 2006 or earlier.

Finnish travellers should note that while they are allowed to enter Finland without a test, other countries and airlines may have their own testing requirements.

The Finnish Border Guard gives advice on cross-border traffic by phone and email. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English on weekdays between 8.00 and 16.00 at +358 295 420 100. Questions can also be sent by email to [email protected].

If you have any questions about approved vaccines or quarantine or testing requirements, please call the Government COVID-19 helpline at +358 295 535 535 or visit the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Amendment of the press release 28.1.2022 at 16.26: the text has been clarified and slightly altered in the 4. and 6. paragraph.

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