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Proposal for introducing new border procedure submitted to Parliament

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 18.4.2024 13.49
Press release

On 18 April, the Government submitted to Parliament a proposal for introducing a new border procedure. The Aliens Act will be amended in line with the EU Asylum Procedures Directive to introduce the new border procedure in Finland. The purpose of the border procedure is to enhance the examination of unfounded applications and the return of applicants whose application has been rejected. In addition, this will prevent secondary movements of asylum seekers to other EU countries. 

The border procedure can be applied to asylum applications that are lodged at or in the vicinity of the EU external border and that are likely to be unfounded. In addition to the eastern border, Finland's external borders include international airports, for example.

In a normal asylum procedure, asylum seekers have the right to move freely within Finland. In the border procedure, applicants must stay at or near the border during the processing of the application. In practice, asylum seekers must stay on the grounds of the reception centre assigned to them.

Border procedure can be used in all migration situations

According to the government proposal, the border procedure can be used in all migration situations, not just in the event of large-scale or instrumentalised migration. Depending on the situation, the border procedure may also serve as a tool for managing unfounded applications in cases of instrumentalised migration when applicants are on the Finnish side of the border and applying for international protection. Although the border procedure provides additional tools for managing such situations, it will not solve instrumentalised migration at Finland's eastern border.

Accelerated procedure can speed up return of rejected asylum applicants

In addition, the aim is to reform the provisions on the accelerated asylum procedure laid down in the Aliens Act.  The grounds for the accelerated procedure that are not yet part of the Aliens Act will be included in the Act.

The accelerated procedure means that rejected asylum applicants can be returned more swiftly than in the normal asylum procedure. The aim is to speed up, for example, the return of persons considered a threat to national security and the removal from the country of applicants who have submitted a subsequent application.

The proposed acts are scheduled to enter into force as soon as possible.

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