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Foreign Minister Haavisto to the EU Foreign Affairs Council and meeting of foreign ministers on the Eastern Partnership in Brussels

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Publication date 12.11.2021 10.28
Press release

EU foreign ministers will meet in Brussels on Monday 15 November. The main topics on the meeting agenda will be the Sahel, the Western Balkans and the Strategic Compass for security and defence cooperation in the EU. Topical issues on the agenda will include Belarus, the geopolitical dimensions of energy prices, Ethiopia, Sudan and the outcome of the COP26 summit. The meeting of foreign ministers on the Eastern Partnership (EaP) will discuss the future priorities of the cooperation and prepare for the Eastern Partnership summit, on 15 December.

The Foreign Affairs Council will discuss the situation in the Sahel, especially recent events in Mali. Finland emphasises the inclusion of civilian activities, such as the provision of basic services and education, and peace-building, alongside the EU’s crisis management efforts among the key priorities of the EU. 

The ministers will also discuss the EU’s role in the Western Balkans. The discussion will explore opportunities for continued cooperation with the countries in the region. The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the dialogue on the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo will also be on the agenda.

In a joint discussion of the foreign and defence ministers, the High Representative Josep Borrell will present the first draft of the Strategic Compass, aimed to further define the direction of the EU’s security and defence cooperation. The aim of the Strategic Compass is to elaborate on the jointly agreed goals in respect of crisis management, support of partners, and protection of the European Union and its citizens. Finland’s objective is to reach a comprehensive, concrete Strategic Compass that develops and strengthens the EU’s Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy.

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto will also attend a meeting of foreign ministers on the Eastern Partnership. The coming Eastern Partnership Work Programme is designed to support the recovery of partner countries’ economies and to strengthen social resilience and reforms.

“Finland supports the Eastern Partnership, and the upcoming summit is important for strengthening our common commitments. Finland considers fundamental rights and common values and related reforms as important foundation for establishing social stability. It is positive that the EaP will also increasingly support the partner countries’ efforts to combat climate change,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Haavisto.


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