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Government condemns stabbings in Oulu

Government Communications Department
Publication date 19.6.2024 17.20 | Published in English on 20.6.2024 at 10.33
Press release 308/2024

In its meeting on Wednesday 19 June, the Government received a briefing from the police on the stabbings in Oulu. The police are investing two stabbings that took place at the Valkea shopping centre in Oulu on Thursday 13 June and Tuesday 18 June. According to the police, there are indications that both incidents were racially motivated. The suspect in the first incident has a history of right-wing extremism.

The Government stated that the violent crimes in Oulu are completely unacceptable. Such acts have no place in Finnish society. Racism and hate crimes in all their forms must be condemned.

The Government takes these acts very seriously. Everyone in Finland must be able to move around safely and go about their day-to-day business in peace, without the threat of violence, the Government noted in its meeting.

The measures taken by the Oulu Police to increase patrols and visibility are a necessary means of ensuring security and order, the meeting concluded. The Government will provide Oulu with all the support needed to deal with the situation. This is a common concern for all of Finland.

The Government also thanked the security guards at the shopping centre for their exemplary work.

Government Programme includes several measures to combat violence

Prime Minister Orpo intends to meet with the security authorities to discuss the situation as soon as possible.

“I want to get a shared, comprehensive picture from the authorities of the threat posed by right-wing extremism and the additional measures needed to combat it,” the Prime Minister said.

The Government Programme includes a number of measures related to preventing violence that are moving forward systematically. For example, the Government is currently working on a national action plan to prevent and combat violent radicalisation and extremism. The Government also intends to expand the powers of the police during this government term by improving practices related to the exchange of information, the right of access to and disclosure of information and the gathering of criminal intelligence.

The Government has also drawn up an action plan for combating racism and promoting equality, which has just been sent out for comments.

Inquiries: Henrik Vuornos, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister (Political Affairs), [email protected]