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Movement restrictions to Uusimaa - the Government decided on further measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsMinistry of the Interior
Publication date 25.3.2020 22.07
Press release

On 25 March 2020, the Government decided to restrict traffic between the Region of Uusimaa and other regions as of 27 March. The restrictions will be in force until 19 April 2020. The purpose of the new restrictions is to prevent coronavirus infections and to slow the spread of the epidemic from Uusimaa to other parts of Finland. On 25 March, the Government submitted to Parliament a decree concerning the use of powers under the Emergency Powers Act relating to the restrictions on movement.

After the entry into force of the movement restrictions, the residents of Uusimaa must stay in the Uusimaa region. Residents of other regions are not allowed to visit Uusimaa. However, everyone has the right to return to their home or place of residence. Recreational travel is not allowed. The flow of goods will not be prevented even during the new restrictions. Furthermore, the restrictions do not apply to movement within Uusimaa.

Also, movement is permitted in official activities and in work-related travel, whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur or self-employed person, or in connection with a position of trust or a statutory obligation. Movement is not restricted if there are compelling personal reasons such as the right of access to a child or the death of a family member. The police will monitor compliance with the movement restrictions. The police may impose a fine for violating or failing to comply with the restrictions. At the request of the police, people must provide an account of the reason or purpose of their travel.

More information regarding the movement restrictions and their practical effects will be provided at bus, train, metro and tram stations and terminals, as well as on information boards and announcements on trains and buses. The information must also be available in Uusimaa’s neighbouring municipalities and in key transport locations used for cross-regional commuter traffic.


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