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EU ministers reach an agreement on Platform Work Directive

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 11.3.2024 17.06 | Published in English on 12.3.2024 at 10.19
Press release
Kuvassa pyöräilee ruokalähetti viemässä annosta asiakkaalle.

At their meeting of 11 March, the EU ministers for employment and social affairs approved the agreement reached with the European Parliament on the Platform Work Directive. Minister of Employment Arto Satonen represented Finland at the meeting in Brussels.

Platform Work Directive to create rules for the sector and improve the working conditions of platform workers

The Platform Work Directive aims to improve the working conditions of platform workers. Platform work refers to work organised through digital platforms. The online platforms are used to offer customers delivery of food and goods or services, for example.

The Directive will clarify the rules for platform work. It will help to ensure that the employment status of platform workers (employed or self-employed) is correctly determined. 

The key provisions of the Directive concern a legal presumption that the platform workers are presumed to be employees of a digital platform. The presumption of an employment relationship will be defined at national level.

A presumption of employment relationship is not used in Finland. Instead, the existence of an employment relationship is determined based on the mandatory provisions on characteristics of an employment relationship laid down in the Employment Contracts Act.

The Directive must be transposed into national legislation within two years of its entry into force. In order to achieve this, Finland must create new legislation on platform work.


Jukka Sarhimaa, Special Adviser to the Minister of Employment, tel. +358 295 047 330 (questions to Minister Satonen) 
Elli Nieminen, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 295 047 056 (Platform Work Directive)