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Clocks go forward as summer time begins this Sunday 26 March

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.3.2023 15.00
Press release

Summer time, or Daylight Saving Time, begins in the coming weekend, in the night between Saturday and Sunday. The clocks will be moved forward one hour this Sunday 26 March, at 03.00.

Finland has observed Daylight Saving Time without interruption since 1981. Clocks are always changed on the last Sunday of March and October. Switching to summer time and back to winter time is a unified practice within the European Union. Clocks are changed in all Member States at the same time on the same date.

Adjusting the clocks at the same time is important for international rail and air traffic, for example. Early Sunday morning was chosen as the time causing the least inconvenience because the volume of traffic is at its lowest then.

Decision on ending seasonal time changes postponed

In 2018, the European Commission proposed that the biannual clock changes be abandoned across the EU. However, the initial target schedule for the Commission's proposal has not been met.

In spring 2019, the European Parliament voted in favour of ending seasonal time changes and proposed that clocks be changed for the last time in 2021. However, the proposal is still awaiting consideration by the Council of the EU, for the issue shall be decided jointly by the Council and the Parliament. Not all Member States have yet taken a stand on the matter, which would be required for the matter to be considered by the Council. So the matter is not currently under discussion in the Council.


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Gateway to Information on Government Projects: Ending seasonal time changes/summer time, winter time (LVM070:00/2018) (in Finnish)