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Finnish Defence Forces acquire Virve connections and services

Ministry of Defence 10.5.2019 15.30 | Published in English on 10.5.2019 at 15.40
Press release

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö has authorised the Defence Forces to renew their four-year contract with State Security Networks Group Finland for Virve radio network connections and services. State Security Networks Group Finland is a wholly state-owned special assignment company, founded in 1999.

State Security Networks Group Finland was founded to take care of the maintenance and operation of Virve, a radio network for use by public authorities. The company is currently responsible for the construction and operation of communications networks and other security networks used by public authorities for ensuring security in society, and for the provision of related services and consultancy.

The contract between the Defence Forces and State Security Networks Group Finland will cover subscriber connections, fixed connections and services for the Virve network. The new contract will be in force from 2019 to 2023. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 8.4 million (VAT 0%) and the domestic employment effect during the contract period will be about 9 person-years.

Inquiries: Senior Specialist Marika Järvenpää, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 051; and Ville Tuokko, Communications Officer, Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command, tel. +358 299 570 126.

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