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Finnish-Russian coordination group on cooperation in combating crime convened in Petrozavodsk on 14 May

Ministry of the Interior
15.5.2019 14.49
Press release 37/2019

The working group for police cooperation between Finland and Russia met in Petrozavodsk, Russia on 14 May 2019.

The expert working group meets once a year. The group is chaired by Director General Risto Lammi from the Police Department of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior and Major General Pjotr Popov, head of the Administration for International Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The meeting addressed several topics, including police cooperation in the neighbouring areas of Finland and Russia, strengths in combating cross-border crime and development needs. Other issues on the agenda were virtual currencies from the perspective of crime prevention as well as serious and organised cross-border crime. In addition, overview of Interpol issues was provided.

Crime prevention cooperation between Finland and Russia is based on an agreement concluded by the countries in 1993.


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