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Koronavirus: valtioneuvoston  tietoa ja neuvontaa koronaviruksesta sekä

Guidelines on prevention of coronavirus infections must be followed at public events

Ministry of Education and CultureMinistry of Social Affairs and Health 15.5.2020 16.56
Press release 118/2020

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued a circular to the Regional State Administrative Agencies on how to implement the guidelines of the relevant government resolution at public events and gatherings. The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Institute for Health and Welfare have prepared general guidelines on indoor and outdoor events.

The restrictions on gatherings will be eased from 1 June in line with the government resolution.  The restriction on the number of people at public events will be amended from the current 10 to a maximum of 50. The instructions issued by the authorities on how to organise public events in a safe manner must be followed. 

It is permitted to organise public events of more than 50 people in indoor and enclosed outdoor spaces, provided that safety can be ensured by limiting the number of visitors, maintaining safe distances and providing hygiene instructions.

All public events with more than 500 attendees are prohibited, without exception, until 31 July. 

The main principles of the guidelines issued by the Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture are the same at all events — do not attend the event when ill, remember to wash your hands and cough into your sleeve, clean during and after the event, and keep a safe distance of 1-2 meters from other people.

The Regional State Administrative Agencies make the actual general-level decisions on restrictions regarding public events and gatherings, and the related requirements in their operating areas.

Organisers of events and activities are always responsible for applying the guidelines in detail. They can issue more detailed and situation-, activity- or event-specific recommendations that take account of the decisions made by the Regional State Administrative Agencies.


Jaska Siikavirta, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 0295 163 394
Esko Ranto, Director General, Ministry of Education and Culture, 0295 3 30115
Riitta Kaivosoja Director General, Ministry of Education and Culture, 0295 3 30129

  • Guidelines on the prevention of coronavirus infections at public events and gatherings and in the use of public spaces (Institute for Health and Welfare and Ministry of Education and Culture), available in Finnish and Swedish
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