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Schedule for amending the Postal Act and preparing the newspaper delivery support to be specified

Ministry of Transport and Communications
24.6.2021 9.30 | Published in English on 1.7.2021 at 14.10
Press release

In accordance with the Government Programme, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is preparing amendments to the Postal Act and changes to the newspaper delivery support.

The purpose of the legislative amendments is to reduce the universal service obligation to three days. The aim of the delivery support is to secure, in spite of the changes in the universal service obligation, five-day delivery of newspapers across Finland. The support would be granted to areas where early-morning delivery of newspapers on commercial terms has not been carried out.

The memorandum on the newspaper delivery support was circulated for comments in April-May 2021. Based on the received comments, some important open questions relating to the amount and distribution of the support, for example, were recognised. In addition, the interpretation of discretionary government grants, which is the basis for granting the delivery support, will be discussed with the EU Commission.

The recipients of the grant would be selected in a public procurement procedure. Sufficient time will be needed for the performance of public contracts and for organising the activities of the successful tenderers. The model and framework for the delivery support will be specified as the preparations continue.

What next?

The guidelines on the delivery support will be completed in autumn 2021. The legislative basis is expected to be ready by the beginning of 2022 and the support could be taken into use by the end of 2022. That is the earliest time when the amended Postal Act could be applied.


Miikka Rainiala, Director of Unit, tel. +358 50 571 7751

Sini Wirén, Director of Unit, tel. +358 40 507 0916

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