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Government support to proposal of European Aviation Safety Agency for more comprehensive information security regulation in aviation sector

Ministry of Transport and Communications
28.7.2021 9.00 | Published in English on 3.8.2021 at 18.10
Press release

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has submitted a proposal for the new aviation information security regulations of the European Commission. It aims to improve the aviation sector's capabilities to protect themselves against information security risks and thus improve aviation safety. In support of the EASA's proposal and its goals, the Government submitted a communication on the matter to Parliament on 15 July 2021.

The new information security regulations would cover almost all the main actors in the aviation sector. In practice, the proposal would impose obligations on aviation organisations and authorities relating to the management of information security risks and information security incidents or violations. In addition, certification and oversight requirements would be set on the aviation authorities.

While most unmanned aircraft and some light aviation operators would be excluded from the regulation, it would not be applied to organisations whose activities do not constitute a security risk affecting safety. The decision on applying the regulations to ground-handling service providers will be made later.

The Government supports the proposal's goals to improve information security in the aviation sector

The proposed regulation is seen to improve aviation safety by clarifying the information security practices of aviation operators. The Government considers it important that aviation safety regulation be developed to meet identified needs and new security threats in the sector and that it is coordinated with other EU legislation.

The Government also supports the risk and performance principle adopted in the proposed regulation, which takes into account the scope and impact of the operator's activities on aviation safety. The proposed restrictions on the scope of application are also seen as appropriate.

The Government considers it important that operators are given sufficient time to adapt to changing regulation and that, when considering the additional tasks proposed to the supervisory authorities, efforts are made to curb the additional administrative burden arising from the proposal.

Proposals influenced by international regulations

Due to the international nature of civil aviation, the sector's regulations are largely based on international and EU regulations. The EASA proposals will continue to be discussed in 2021 and the proposals are to be adopted in 2022. They will be applied one year after their entry into force.


Senior Adviser Sonja Töyrylä, tel. +358 50 4384729

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): EASA legislative proposals (Opinion 03/2021)

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